How You Can Keep Your Lungs Strong

Lungs are one of the very important organs of your body. It is also a very strong organ as compared to the rest. It generally does not get you into any trouble unless it is forced to create trouble from outside. It can also heal and clean itself faster than most of your body organs. A little care can give you a pair of lungs that are healthy and strong throughout your life. You can go without food and water for a few days, but, not more than a few minutes without air. So, protect your lungs with these basic tips and live life to the fullest.
Quit smoking. This has been the a topic of discussion for many years and still people continue to smoke. Smoking deposits harmful tar in the lungs and obstructs it. The chemicals such as carbon monoxide inhibit mechanical lung function and contribute to the development of diseases such as cancer and emphysema. Smoking injures not only your lungs, but, also of those around you. So, quit smoking to live a healthy life.

There are breathing exercises that can clean your lungs. Deep breathing exercises supply more oxygen to your body and also strengthen your lungs and clear your airways. Shallow breathing is often because of weak lung function. Find yourself a calm place for a few minutes everyday and practice deep breathing exercises.

The air you breath inside your house should be pollution free. Pet dander is a common indoor pollutant and often results in allergies. Other common indoor pollutants are carpet, paint, upholstery and building materials. Invest in indoor air purifying systems and air exchange systems to get rid of indoor pollution. Since, you cannot avoid breathing polluted air outside your home, take measures not to breath polluted air indoors.

Go for a lung cleaning diet. There are many food habits that can help clean your lungs. Pitachios, plantain leaf, cayenne pepper promotes healthy lung function. There are many herbs, fruits and vegetables also that help clear your lungs of the toxins and tar. Oregano, orange peel, eucalyptus, lungwort, osha root etc. are a few foods that has been used as remedies for respiratory conditions for hundreds of years. Having carrot juice and cranberry juice cleanses your lungs too and lessens the congestion in lungs.   
Apart from these food habits, lung also needs enough water. Make sure you drink enough water and keep your body hydrated by taking in fluids consistently throughout the day. Laugh and be happy. Laughing is a good lung exercise as it increases lung capacity.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and be active. Physical exercise is also a great way to ensure a strong pair of lungs. Exercises like running, cycling, swimming, etc, clears the lungs and the airways. So, make sure you exercise daily to have healthy lung, heart and body.

Check if you have any lung problem such as asthma or other breathing troubles. Consult your doctor immediately and treat yourself if you have such a problem.

Take care of these steps for trouble-free, healthy and strong lungs that will last a lifetime.

Picture credit: Dale & University of Liverpool